Mobiroo App Gift Card is the Ultimate Gift for Android Users

When it comes to the holidays, lets face it – one of the best gifts you can get someone is a gift card. It’s for that reason that iTunes gift cards have become so popular over the years. But not everyone has an Apple device, yet so many people do have Android or BlackBerry phones. That is where the Mobiroo App gift card comes in. But Mobiroo isn’t just for Android apps, but BlackBerry Apps too. That makes it the perfect potential gift for the friend or family in your life who is touting an Android or Blackberry smartphone or tablet.

The Mobiroo App gift card also happens to be a very good value since a $15 gift card gets you $20 worth of apps, while a $25 gift card gets you $35 worth of apps, so you’re getting more value for your money than you would from a traditional gift card. That said, there is a bit of a catch with Mobiroo and that is that the card can’t be used to buy just any app at all from the Android or BlackBerry app marketplaces, but it has to be one of the Apps available through Mobiroo. Fortunately, Mobiroo’s selection of apps is quite robust and  includes many popular and top of the charts apps for BlackBerry and Android, so this isn’t too much of an issue. As a matter of fact, all of the available apps from Mobiroo have been security tested and tested for performance, and are guaranteed to be virus free.

Finally, yet another benefit of Mobiroo is that it’s actually the only way to purchase BlackBerry and Android Apps without having a credit card. Mobiroo can be purchased at Best Buy, Target, RadioShack, 7 Eleven, and other popular retailers.

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