NOOK Tablet vs. Kindle Fire – FIGHT!

screenshot 022 572x459 NOOK Tablet vs. Kindle Fire   FIGHT!

So Barnes & Noble finally announced the NOOK Tablet today, their direct competitor to the Amazon Kindle Fire. There is no question that these two new tablets / e-readers are set to go head to head against each other this holiday season. So which one should you choose to go with?

During B&N’s NOOK Tablet launch event in New York City today, their executives made sure to highlight how the NOOK Tablet stands out versus the competition. So here is our break down of the B&N NOOK Tablet verses the Amazon Kindle Fire, as far as B&N is concerned.

NOOK Tablet vs. Kindle Fire

1. NOOK Tablet has no air gaps in its VividView IPS display, while Kindle Fire does.
2. Kindle Fire has 8GB of on-board storage vs. the NOOK Tablet’s 16GB of on-board memory + expandable microSD card.
3. Kindle Fire comes with 6GB of cloud storage, vs. the NOOK Color which comes with 45GB of cloud storage.
4. The Kindle Fire’s design was modeled after the BlackBerry Playbook, while the NOOK Tablet was originally designed from the ground up and sports a soft-touch finish.
4. The Kindle Fire sports 512mb of RAM, while the NOOK Tablet packs in 1GB of RAM. The extra ram ensures zippier performance, especially when multiple apps are open.
5. With the NOOK Tablet there is free in-store support at over 700 B&N stores around the country.
6. The NOOK Tablet is lighter than the Kindle Fire.

All of the above statements about the Amazon Kindle Fire versus the NOOK Tablet are pretty much accurate, however, until both devices become available, and we can experience some quality hands-on time with both of them, it’s too early to come to any conclusions about which device is truly superior – or even which one is right for you.

02/21/2012: B&N just announced a $199 NOOK Tablet with 8GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. Also, check out our Amazon Kindle Fire Review.

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  • Nluckhurst

    I love the comment ” All of the above statements about … are pretty much accurate”.

  • John Go

    Features of Nook Tablet – 1.0 Ghz dual-core processor, 1.0 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage, battery is 11.5 hours reading and 9 hours of video, microSD slot up to 32 GB, fully non-glare laminated HD screen with the best viewing angles on the market, loaded with optimized Netflix, Hulu Plus and bunch of other apps (Pandora, Angry Birds, etc.), has a built-in microphone can be used with Skype for voice conferencing and for dictations with speech recognition software, weights only 14.1 oz
    Nooks (since Nook Color) are the darlings of the root’ing community especially because they have microSD slot (not on Kindle Fire) thus Nooks can be rooted by burning OS image on the microSD card and booting off it without rooting the actual device and voiding the warranty. On Kindle, once you rooted there’s no coming back.

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