Soulo Karaoke for iPad is an App-Controlled Wireless Mic

The full karaoke experience is coming to the iPad 2 thanks to Soulo, a combination wireless mic and app that turns your music library into a song list for others and yourself to sing along to. But, couldn’t you do that already? Soulo takes singing along a step further, with the wireless receiver suppressing the sound of lyrics coming from the songs in your library to create a more authentic karaoke experience. The app will also stream lyrics for any songs in your digital library, though it’s unclear how well this will work for songs not purchased from mainstream digital stores.

You can really get crazy with Soulo and create your own music videos while you’re belting out your favorite tunes, courtesy of the app and the front-facing camera of the iPad 2. The mic also supplies pitch enhancement to make sure everyone sounds golden-voiced. That seems like it would take away a good chunk of the fun of karaoke – dreadful singing all around – but if you want everyone to be convinced that they’re budding rock stars, it’s a solid addition. There are other enhancement effects as well, for reverberation, echo, and tone.

Soulo is pretty much a lock to be a party favorite, so if you love to host and own an iPad 2, it’s practically a must-have. Soulo sells for $99 now from Brookstone’s website.


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  1. Oh my, my dad will have a field day with this. If he found out that we don’t have to buy that ridiculously expensive karaoke microchip, I’m sure he’ll rush out and buy this instead!lools

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