Chest Containing $9.3M iPhone 4S Would Make Blackbeard Drool

There are expensive things, then there are luxury items, and then there is…this. Depending on who you are, the iPhone 4S Elite Gold will be either the most stunningly beautiful thing you’ve ever seen or the most galling display of excess you could have ever imagined. Regardless of where you fall, it’s true – this thing exists. Two of them, anyway.

The limited edition iPhone 4S Elite Gold features a bezel made from rose and adorned with over 500 individual flawless diamonds, totaling over 100 karats. The back is made of 24 karat gold, with a 24 karat gold Apple logo decorated with 53 diamonds in its own right. The home button is also made from gold, and holds a single 8.6 karat diamond, which can be replaced with a single cut 7.4 carat flawless pink diamond.

So, that’s the phone. But we’re not done. Not even close. The chest the phone comes in is staggering by itself. Pictured above, the chest is made from solid platinum, with inlaid pieces of opal, pietersite, charoite, rutile quartz, and star sunstone. Also, polished pieces of bones from a tyrannosaurus rex. I don’t even know where to begin with that one.

The storage size of this iPhone 4S is 64 GB, as if it matters at this point. Designer Stuart Hughes claims that this will be a limited edition item, with only two being made. So, that brings us to the price – an abhorrent £6,000,000. Yes, that’s six zeroes. In US dollars, that’s $9.3 million. For a mobile phone that will be old in eight months and obsolete in about two years. So, that’s cool.


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