Have Your iPhone 4S Look its SweaterBest With Speck FabShell Case

It’s holiday season, and you know what that means. Sweaters! Ugly ones, tacky ones, sweet-looking cardigans, and some straight out of grandma’s knitting factory that may or may not fall into one of the first two categories. Good news if you’ve already keyed into the sweater frenzy this year – now your iPhone can join the party!

The FabShell Cases for iPhone 4/4S are hard-shell cases with rubbery edges and a fabric cover on the back for a more comfortable grip – and to show off great winter sweater designs that won’t be reminding you of the horrible ghosts of holiday sweaters past. All of the available designs look pretty nice, and the slim-fit of the cases won’t make your iPhone look fat, unlike that one sweater gift that hasn’t left your closet since the day you received it. You know, the one with the reindeer decorated with multi-colored sequins.

Each FabShell Case is selling for about $35 from Speck Products. Time to get your iPhone into the holiday spirit!


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