ColorWare Wedge for iPad Review

When it comes to stands for your iPad, there are quite a few options available. But few are as cool and stylish as the Wedge from ColorWare. I’ll tell you upfront that you can get another stand for a lot cheaper, but if you want a great product that will set you apart from the rest, read on.

First of all the Wedge differs from most stands by giving you four viewing angle options (40°, 60°, 70° and 80°). I love this! So many other stands assume that you will always want to view your iPad from the same angle, but that is rarely the case. Lay it back to 40° for easy viewing while typing. Stand it up in the 70° or 80° for watching a movie or viewing pictures. One of the four angles will meet all your needs.

Quality of construction is another outstanding feature. It is made from one piece of billet aluminum, so you can be sure that it is gonna last for a long time. And don’t worry about any scratches to your iPad. Each slot is lined with what they term Ultrasuede fabric. And it is an ultra-soft place for your expensive device. Finally, there are four rubber pads on the base to avoid any slippage on your desk.

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ColorWare is known for their customizing of all sorts of all sorts of stuff in a variety of colors. The Wedge is no different. You can choose from 46 colors for the stand itself and 35 colors for the fabric. You can even choose different colors for each of the angles. You can’t get much more customized than that!

The Wedge is compatible with other tablets as well. Each slot is a little more than 13mm (allowing for the fabric). For comparison, the iPad 2 is 8.8mm, so there is some wiggle room. This means that even if you are using a case, albeit a slim one, you can still use the stand without the need to remove your iPad from its case. It also means that if you have the original iPad, it should perch just as nicely in this stand.

Overall the stand worked great. It is very stable, you don’t get the feeling that if you bump your desk too hard it will fall over. It even looks good when it is all alone on your desk without the iPad docked. So if you want the ultimate stand don’t let the $200 price tag get in the way. Head over to ColorWare and start customizing your own Wedge!

 The Good: Stylish and quality product.

 The Bad: High price.

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