Hands On with Kensington’s KeyLite Touch Folio for iPad

We’ve just went hands on with Kensington’s new KeyLite Touch Keyboard Folio for iPad 2. iPad keyboard cases are not anything new to the market, but Kensington’s KeyLite happened to be one of the sleekest and best looking. The KeyLite Folio uses a Bluetooth touch-sensitive keyboard that’s waterproof and dustproof.

Kensington’s KeyLite Folio will stand iPad at two different landscape positions for a laptop-like experience. The folio has a smartcover built-in which wakes iPad when opened and locks it when closed. With the cover folded closed you’d never guess that it has an included keyboard. It’s basically just as thin, if not thinner, than any regular iPad case. The keyboard is able to maintain such a sleek form because it’s touch-sensitive; the keys are not buttons. Since this can be tricky to type on at first, Kensington has included the option to enable a clicking sound each time a key is registered.

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What’s nice about this particular case is that the keyboard doesn’t hinder the case. You can use iPad normally and fold the keyboard behind the case. The Kensington KeyLite Touch Keyboard Folio only weighs 10.4 ounces and can be used for 68 hours with a 45 day standby. It will be available in black with a white keyboard on February 15th for $119.99. It’s a pretty penny to pay for an iPad keyboard, but if you’re in the market for sleek and stylish it could be worth it. Also, we hope Kensington is prepared for iPad 3 release in a couple months!

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