Kindle Fire Cases For Girls

This guest post was provided by our friends at Tablet Titan. The Kindle Fire is proving to be one of the hottest devices of the season. Selling around a million devices a week, it seems like Amazon has done the impossible- created a solid competitor to the iPad! The low price tag combined with it’s ease of use and portability makes this little “back to basics” tablet a very hot commodity. Of course, one of the best parts about getting an new tablet is getting to dress it in your choice of cases and covers! Thankfully Amazon is doing a very good job at curating what is available on their store, they make all case and accessory makers go through a rigorous approval process to make sure that only the highest quality cases are available for their devices. Here’s our top 5 picks for the hottest Kindle Fire Cases for girls!

Kate Spade Aqua Blue Pebbled Leather Kindle Fire Cover

At the top of the price pyramid is the new Kate Spade Aqua blue leather kindle fire case. This is bold case that is loaded with style. It tells the world that it’s owner appreciates elegant softness and adorable whimsy. Made from high quality leather it provides good durable protection for your Kindle Fire, and inside it is padded and has 4 elastic straps to keep the Kindle secure. On the front cover you’ll find the Kate Spade license plate is the only other bit of trimming added. This case is simple and charming, though the price tag may be a bit off putting… The Kate Spade Aqua Blue Pebbled case is available for $99.

Kate Spade Sprinkle Dot Pink Kindle Fire Case

If you loved the Blue Pebbled case, but were put off by the price tag, then perhaps you’ll find that the sprinkle dot pink case is just what you were looking for. Cheerful and bright, this case is covered in sprinkles on the outside and lined with their signature pink faille inside. The Kindle is held in place by 4 elastic straps again, which do their job decently enough. It is easily removed as well if you want to carry your Kindle Fire in the nude. Kate Spade has been around for almost a decade and makes all sorts of cute accessories. You can scoop up this cute kindle fire case for a good $30 less than the Pebbled leather version too! The Kate Spade Sprinkle Dot Kindle Fire case is available for $69.

Verso Artist Red Kindle Fire Case

This certified “made for Kindle Fire” accessory features the stylish artwork of Sharyn Sowell on the front cover. The writing on the cover of this red case is embossed in and gives a great amount of texture and grip while also showing off your impeccable taste and undeniable sense of style. Inside it is lined with microfiber and the Kindle Fire is held in place by the usual 4 elastic straps. This case also has a front pocket for storing some documents as well, which is a nice little additional feature. Also, it’s well in the middle of the pack as far as price goes too, so you won’t be breaking the bank today! The Verso Artist Red Kindle Fire Case is available for $39.99.

Splash Safari Green Slim Leather Kindle Fire Case

The green Safari case by Splash is the case that Kermit would approve of. It’s bright and happy, and made from real leather as well! The grain on the outside is subtle and soft, but it gives this case a great texture to keep it from slipping out of your hands. The Kindle is held in place with a sleeve this time instead of the elastic bands, which means it’s a lot more secure and protected when it comes to bumps and drops. The case also turns into a stand as well for watching movies. It’s designed to be slim and attractive, while still giving lots of attention to quality and detail. If you don’t like the green case, then you’ll be happy to know it’s also available in Black, Brown, Red, and Purple. The Splash Safari Case is available for $24.85.

Navitech Purple Napa Leather Kindle Fire Case

Last on our list is perhaps one of our favorites. Not only because it’s the cheapest of the bunch, but also because it’s got a ton of pockets and storage space! The outside is made from Napa leather and inside is lined with a soft microfiber interior. There is a magnetic flap to keep the case closed, which is a nice little additional feature, and there’s lots of pockets inside for SD cards, business cards, and other small documents you might need to carry around. The Kindle is held in with 4 elastic straps which do their job decently enough. Overall it’s a great case, and for the price you really can’t loose! The Navitech Purple Napa Leather Kindle Fire Case is available for $12.99.

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