Sony’s Xperia Ion is a SuperStar for Entertainment Connectivity

The Xperia Ion from Sony made a glitzy entrance at CES 2012, offering an incredibly expansive entertainment experience. It will support access to the Sony Entertainment Network. 12 million and more songs are on the global catalog of Music Unlimited. Video Unlimited is a burgeoning bundle Hollywod blockbusters and TV shows from not one, but all major studios.

As if that weren’t enough, it is also PlayStation Certified so it can offer users an excellent gamin experience. It will also be completely interconnected with other Sony devices, which means all this content can be accessed across other Sony devices be they TVs, computers, or tablets. Sometimes it feels like committing to all these interconnected devices is like entering a marriage without a pre-nup. But the vast array of features offered here outweigh the downside of having to have all of the same brand devices. Ion runs on Android 2.3. It has a 4.6 inch Reality HD Display screen, a 12MP camera, and a 1.5 GHz dual core processor for smooth fast browsing. Look for it at AT&T soon.



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