La Sardina Belle Starr is the Six Shooter of Lomography Cameras

I’ll skip the obvious anti-mainstream hipster jokes, and get to the point – this camera is for the old at heart who love the beautiful imperfections that arise from using low-tech gear. Lomography cameras are basically analog cameras that produce pictures rife with blurring, odd coloring, and light leaks. The result is an Instagram photo minus the Instagram.

This particular camera looks like it’s been pulled straight out of a certain 1990s Will Smith movie, with a brassy, steampunk feel to it. The giant flash bulb brings back images of the paparazzi of yesteryear, which will definitely be reflected in the technical quality of the pictures generated. But, to each their own, and if this style of photography is your thing (and there are certainly some mesmerizing lomography photos out there), you might as well do it in style.

The La Sardina Belle Starr is on sale from the lomography site for about $250. There are bundles including film for the camera, as well.


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