iAcoustic Makes Your iPhone Look Almost Victorian

Yeah, it has the looks down pat, but that’s not the only thing impressive about the iAcoustic. That real metal horn isn’t just for show – it takes sound from the iPhone and boosts it naturally by up to 60 decibels. That horn serves as the amplifier, creating an old-timey gramophone sound from whatever is playing on your iPhone.

The iAcoustic does have a slot on the back to fit a charging cable, but it is otherwise not a charging dock. The good news is that the iPhone should fit the iAcoustic regardless of what kind of a case you have attached. Another piece of good news – the base is a very nice looking piece of finished solid wood.

But, a word of warning – there’s no price tag on the iAcoustic yet, nor is there any word on availability. There is an interactive map on the website to find participating retail stores, but it doesn’t seem to work properly yet. It seems like creators aBite might be new on the scene, and just getting established. If you’re digging the old-school feel of the iAcoustic, keep your fingers crossed that this start-up keeps its head above water.







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