Solar Suntree is Truly the Tree of Life for Your Gadgets

Many attempts are being made this year to scale down solar technology to make it useful to the individual. The latest effort, the Solar Suntree, certainly isn’t hurting for style. It’s a solar charger for USB devices made out of bamboo in the shape of a tree. On top of the branches lie nine ABS plates covered with solar panels that collect energy to power the 1400 mAh lithium battery inside the base. The base has USB and Mini USB ports, and the whole package comes with a Mini USB cable.





Looks like this giving tree will only be for those across the pond, though – the only retailers selling XD Design products are in the United Kingdom or continental Europe. If you’re located anywhere else, don’t worry – with the way this year is looking for small-scale solar tech, you can expect plenty of similar products to come your way in the near future.

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