CordCruncher Headphones are a Tangle Free Piece of Heaven

The CordCruncher headphones take a new approach to the meaning of tangle-free headphones by encasing the cords in an elastic sleeve during storage, to prevent things from getting twisted. Tangle-free headphones are nothing new – plenty of major earphone makers like Beats By Dre have been using flat cords that do the trick just as well – but the CordCruncher offers up some fashionable solutions to storage that manage to set it apart from the pack.

When the headphones are not in use, that elastic sleeve can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. To use the headphones, users need only tug on the earphones, drawing out all the cord they need from the elastic sleeve. The cords can be anywhere from 16 inches to 3.5 feet long, depending on how much of the cord you pull out of the sleeve. The elastic sleeve still remains the same length, so users can choose to wear it as a necklace even while the earphones are in use, if they choose.

The people behind CordCruncher seem to be putting an emphasis on the tangle-free cords, but a conveniently extendable cord seems like the more intriguing part of what’s being offered in this product. If you’re looking for tangle-free headphones, you can get those just about anywhere you look these days – combining tangle-free with the ability to extend or shorten a cord is something worth considering.

If you do find yourself considering CordCruncher, consider chipping into the Kickstarter page. With only a couple weeks left, these tangle-free headphones haven’t managed to even notch a quarter of the stated goal of $20,000.

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