Advanced SensoGlove Is a Hole-in-One for Golfers

If there’s ever been a game that’s harder than it looks, it’s golf. The club-to-ball connection seems simple enough, and the guys on television don’t look like they’re trying very hard. Then you give a golf ball a whack and it goes a few feet. What gives? Probably a bad swing – but worry not! Technology’s here to save the day.

The Advanced SensoGlove is a golf glove fitted with a sweat-proof 1.2” LED monitor. That monitor will display the pressure you’re putting on the club from each finger, letting you know whether or not you need to loosen up your grip for a better swing, and which fingers are gripping the club too tightly. Audio feedback tells you the exact point in your swing where you’ve begun to put too much pressure on the club. That should result in not only a better swing, but a decreased risk of injury for frequent golfers.

The glove takes fashion as seriously as it does technology. The SensoGlove is made from high-quality cabretta leather, and the LED monitor can be removed if you just feel like wearing a snazzy-looking golf glove on the links.

The SensoGlove will be available sometime next month (in time for Father’s Day, no doubt), and will be available in male, female, right-handed, and left-handed varieties. The SensoGlove will cost $89, and if your original kicks the bucket, you can grab a replacement for $22.48.

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