iPhone App of the Week: GridTag Makes Celebrity Stalking Way Too Easy

Originally, GridTag was made to be another app that points the way to happening places around town by finding bars, restaurants, and other venues that were seeing a lot of check-in activity. After its release, it became a little bit more than that.

GridTag works specifically by gathering location and GPS data made publicly available on Twitter and Foursquare. Users can use the app to find out where their friends are hanging out for the night, but it’s starting to gain popularity for giving location information on everyone, including celebrities.

Granted, the location information used is limited to what the user makes public – if you don’t want people using GridTag to know where you are, don’t tweet and don’t check in while you’re out and about. Socially networked celebrities who do choose to make their location known can be found easily using GridTag, helping the rest of us find those secret celebrity parties, although the app won’t hwlp much with actually getting in to said parties.

GridTag is available now for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch for free on the iTunes App Store.

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