The Leaf is Not Just a Folding Chair, It’s a Work of Art

The best part about the Leaf might be the moment when someone asks you about your post-modern sculpture in the corner, only to watch you snap it into a folding chair.

Looks aren’t everything with the Leaf, though. You’d be hard-pressed to find a folding chair more convenient to store. The Leaf folds up along its vertical axis, and is very thin and flat when folded, making a group of them easily stackable. The Leaf has advantages over regular folding chairs in terms of ergonomics and comfort, too. The backrest is dining table height, giving full support to the back, while the seat is a sturdy piece of mesh fabric. Opening and closing the chair is done with a snap and a button press and a push, respectively.

The Leaf’s mesh seat comes in three colors – platinum silver, olive green, and red orange. The Leaf was recently on display at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York City, and will be available come June 1st. Pricing details are currently unknown.

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