Pelican’s i1075 HardBack Case Will Protect Your iPad in a Hurricane (Review)

If James Bond had an iPad, there’s a good chance he’d be protecting it with Pelican’s i1075 HardBack Case. While it’s not exactly bulletproof, it is dustproof, waterproof, and crushproof. Plus it doesn’t just keep your iPad 1, 2, or 3 safe, but all the accessories that go along with iPad.

The Pelican i1075 HardBack Case is essentially a little briefcase. It’s constructed out of high strength ABS plastic, and is actually pretty light for what it is. The case has just one easy-open latch. There’s a built-in automatic purge valve that balances the air pressure inside the case while keeping dust and water outside of the case.

The inside of the case is lined in a very soft shock absorbing molded foam layer with separators for iPad’s charger, keyboard, and other accessories. iPad sits comfortably on a place holder on top of the accessories. There’s even an integrated easel that props up iPad in a portrait or landscape position. With iPad propped and Apple’s bluetooth keyboard fitted in the case, the i1075 offers a very usable laptop-like experience.

While the i1075 HardBack case isn’t bulletproof and it lacks a lock, it’s still more protective than most any person would need. There’s no handle, but it comes with a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, which seems to be just about as durable as the case itself. The strap is padded and decently comfortable.

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We recently got a bout of rain here in New York. I made the most of the inclement weather by leaving the Pelican i1075 HardBack case, WITH iPad, outside in the pouring rain for about 36 hours. Since I didn’t want to go outside in the rain to set it down (and I was putting the case to the test) it was only fitting that I toss it outside onto the hardwood deck. Lucky for me, the i1075 HardBack case functioned perfectly and my iPad was completely unscathed. Not a drop of water made its way into the case. I was concerned that the seal could have popped open when I tossed it and also that the shoulder strap could wear from the water. Neither were issues at all. I was even able to stand on the case, applying all 190lbs of pressure, and the case didn’t even dent.

The Pelican i1075 case is tested for impact and water submersion up to three feet, though it should definitely be able to handle more. Pelican is known for offering the most durable and protective cases out there. They’re nearly destruction-proof, and they offer cases for everything!

It you’re adventurous, accident-prone, or just want a protective hard case for iPad, then the Pelican i1075 is the case for you. It allows you to safely travel with your iPad, keyboard, wall charger, sync cable, headphones, adapters, and other accessories all in one lightweight and well built package. Use the easel to prop iPad upright while you peck away at a Bluetooth keyboard and you really will feel like James Bond. We can’t help but love an iPad case that fits every version of iPad. The Pelican i1075 is currently available and can be purchased from Amazon.com for $52.25. The entire time I was reviewing the Pelican, I was under the impression that it was a $100 case and even that didn’t seem like such a bad price.

The Good: Very tough, lightweight, included/optional shoulder strap, easy open latch, affordable, fits all iPads, watertight gasket, automatic purge valve, accessory storage, integrated easel(stand), keyboard holder, and fits iPad with smart cover.

The Bad: Funky smell, won’t fit iPad with most cases, only fits thin keyboards (11.38″ width max), and no handle.

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