Steampunk Telephone Will Convert You Back to Landlines!

Who said landlines are dead? With this telephone, you can go back to the old days of telephones. No, no, not there. You need to go farther back. Keep going. I’ll tell you when to stop.

The Steampunk Telephone works its magic to summon back the rotary telephone from its grave. Not just any rotary telephone, mind you – this would be a replica of a model made by L.M. Ericsson in 1892. At least, that’s what appearances would have you believe. This is only a retro telephone in appearance – those are push-buttons, and it even dares to have such decadent modern conveniences as redial, which I’m sure is going to come as a disappointment to many who were previously interested in this.

Finally, we have the window dressing – a dark charcoal bakelite-like body and an antique brass finish. That antique brass finish seems like it’s all you really need to lay claim to the steampunk title these days. That, and making the thing look like it belongs in the 1800s. Check off both of those boxes.

The Steampunk Telephone hasn’t quite arrived from the past yet, but you can preorder one now for the selling price of about $14o.

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