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Contain Your Inner Fangirl – the Official Doctor Who Fashion Collection is Coming

Like a TARDIS from out of the blue, the official Doctor Who Fangirl Fashion Collection, from Her Universe and BBC Worldwide, is gracing the present day with its Time Lordly presence. Unfortunately, the shirts won’t be any good for your next cosplay jaunt to a convention, but these new Doctor Who branded T-shirts might still get that inner fangirl squealing in excitement.

The four T-shirts will feature a special Doctor Who logo made just for the clothing line. Most sport memorable lines from the most recent iteration of Doctor Who, including Amy Pond’s intro monologue set over the Doctor Who logo. The most impressive design might be a post-impressionist take on an exploding Tardis.

The entire line will go on sale on July 11th from www.heruniverseshop.com and BBCAmericashop.com, with the Pond’s monologue shirt being an exclusive of the latter. The shirts in the Doctor Who Fangirl Fashion Collection will sell for $28 each, and you’ll be able to find them at the San Diego Comic Con as well, if you’re not looking to buy online.

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