Sharp’s New 90” AQUOS LED 3D TV is the Largest TV Ever

Sharp is claiming that their new 90” AQUOS LED Smart TV is the largest television ever produced. The corpulent television is 4′ tall and 6’8” wide, and features 1080p video at the highest possible resolutions. The smart part comes from Sharp’s own SmartCentral, which, like most other smart TV interfaces, acts as a gateway to apps (like Netflix), web browsing, and video calling using Skype. Wi-Fi capabilities are built in. The 90” AQUOS is also a 3D TV, though it won’t be glasses-free. Two 3D glasses will be included with the television.

I don’t know why you would ever need a television this big – I guess maybe if you’re really running with the whole home theater idea, this is the logical end. You can make your eyes bleed with larger-than-life, high definition colors for the 90” television-sized price of $11,000.The television will be ideal for wall-mounting, at least for those with the money and the space to mount something like this on a wall. The television is 5” deep, and weighs 141 pounds. That’s still hefty, but light for what it is – a 90” television.


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  1. 90” is just slightly smaller than my screen size for my
    projector I just bought to replace my DLP, but I had to elevate my seating to
    account for the height, so it can be done. 
    I can’t imagine the hardware needed to mount it though.  I would rather have this TV than my Sharp
    projector of course, but not the price tag. 
    My Dish co-worker tells me my projector is just as good as my old DLP,
    but I know he’s just being nice.  I think
    the projector would look terrible though without my HD 1080p channels from
    Dish.  I need the best quality to use the
    projector’s 1080p capability to its fullest, and I get that, with more HD
    channels than any other provider.

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