Ted Plush Doll is Ready to Be Your Thunder Buddy for Life

AUTOIMAGES CW94064Rlg Ted Plush Doll is Ready to Be Your Thunder Buddy for Life

Unfortunately, wishing on a shooting star for a stuffed teddy bear that knocks back beers with you probably isn’t going to work out. But hey, no harm in trying, right?

Entertainment Earth is selling a replica plush figure of Ted, from the massively popular movie that just came out. Ted now lays claim to the biggest ever box office weekend for an R-rated comedy, which means there’s going to be an awfully big audience for this plush toy. Ted will be 24” tall, making him the same size as he is in the movie. There are two versions of Ted, the plush – an R-rated version and a PG-version, both of which say lines from the movie. On one hand, it seems like it’d be a waste to get the PG version, but the R-rated version is just as expensive as his more sober, more responsible PG cousin. And with this kind of pricing, we’re definitely not feeling the teddy bear fuzzies here.

R-rated Ted and PG-rated Ted can both be pre-ordered now from Entertainment Earth for $59. Ship date is expected to be sometime in September. There is also a smaller 16″ talking Ted doll on its way for $24.99, and this one comes with an actual moving mouth.