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Your TV is About to Get an Audio Boost with the Bose Solo TV Sound System

Bose Solo TV sound system_IMAGE

Bose is hoping to exploit a very specific niche with its new Solo TV sound system – those who want high quality audio, but without the sometimes overwhelming effects of a complete surround sound system.

The Bose Solo TV sound system isn’t really a system at all – it’s one speaker that manages to provide solid audio without being bulky. Simplicity is also valued – setup requires only plugging it into an outlet and hooking it up to the television using only one cable. Bose hasn’t offered specifics about the technology that has gone into this speaker, only that it is intended as a device that will bolster everyday television watching, without giving the more robust effects of a home theater system.

The Bose Solo TV sound system is selling now for $399, which seems like a tough sell for just an audio boost to television programs. Try it before you buy it, if you can.

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