Your TV is About to Get an Audio Boost with the Bose Solo TV Sound System

Bose is hoping to exploit a very specific niche with its new Solo TV sound system – those who want high quality audio, but without the sometimes overwhelming effects of a complete surround sound system.

The Bose Solo TV sound system isn’t really a system at all – it’s one speaker that manages to provide solid audio without being bulky. Simplicity is also valued – setup requires only plugging it into an outlet and hooking it up to the television using only one cable. Bose hasn’t offered specifics about the technology that has gone into this speaker, only that it is intended as a device that will bolster everyday television watching, without giving the more robust effects of a home theater system.

The Bose Solo TV sound system is selling now for $399, which seems like a tough sell for just an audio boost to television programs. Try it before you buy it, if you can.

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  1. It has two built in speakers and a type of base in it as well. Bose website has a video and they do give an ‘x-ray’ type view inside to see the two speakers. I bought it yesterday and am very satisfied so far. It’s not surround sound of course, but excellent quality stereo sound. Can hear the depth of base, and can really hear every word of dialogue so well. Very small footprint, no speakers sitting around. I have 5.1 system in our family room downstairs but this is awesome for the upstairs den. Very happy with it so far!

  2. ZVOX Audio invented these kind of speakers and has been making them for at least five years. They even call them Z-Base to make the point. I own a ZVOX Z-Base 555 and it is way better than this Bose which I have also heard. The Bose cost the same as the ZVOX ($399) but doesn’t even come close in performance, tech and design. The Bose doesn’t even have a woofer and the ZVOX has a 5 1/2 in woofer. The Bose has just 4 main speakers and the ZVOX has 5, in addition to the woofer. The Bose has 60 watts of power, the ZVOX has 70 watts. The ZVOX has surround sound technology, the Bose does not. The list goes on and on. Be sure to compare before you buy.

  3. I was hoping to find a ZVOX 555 in the Los Angeles area, but they seem to be AWOL in this area. I did find a 580 at a Best Buy, but they had lost the remote control, and didn’t seem interested in ordering a 555. Amazing customer service!
    Seems that I would have to order from the company, but sure would like to hear it first.

  4. Zevox has great fast mailorder and a foolproof trial period, probably easier to buy from them than typical sleezy local electronics store.

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