Will This Tablet Be the Key Ingredient in Your Kitchen?

The Key Ingredient Recipe Reader is the latest in the emerging category of kitchen tablets. It’s attached to Key Ingredient’s own software offerings, and offers features like Wi-Fi, a kitchen-safe build, unit conversion, and a timer, but it still suffers from the question that arises about this entire category of products – can it really justify its own existence?

The only things that actually set this tablet apart from what any other tablet can do equally well, for free, are the build and the Key Ingredient account. The screen is made to be kitchen cleaner-friendly, and the entire device is water and shock resistant. That means it’ll stand up to a fair amount of splashing, so long as you don’t plunge the tablet into a bucket of water. The device is completely sealed, so no stray juices will be able to seep into the inner workings of the tablet. If you’re a particularly messy cook and don’t want to endanger your regular tablet, the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader might be something to look at.

The main purpose of the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader is to be a companion to KeyIngredient.com. A free account allows you to save “Cookmarks,” which is nothing more than a cutesy, marketable way of saying bookmarks. You can browse the Internet for recipes and save them to your account, then use the tablet to call them up when it’s time to get cooking. The Key Ingredient website also has its own selection of recipes, to which users can add. Again, it’s not overwhelmingly attractive – there are plenty of apps out there that do these same things, not that you even need a special app to create Web bookmarks.

The kitchen-safe construction is the only thing that recommends this tablet over any other tablet. The asking price is $200, and with the advent of cheap, functional tablets like the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire, that seems very difficult to justify for such a limited device that will only be useful in the kitchen (the Wi-Fi is only for syncing with your KeyIngredient.com account). But, if you have some extra spending money and like to make a mess in the kitchen, the Key Ingredient Recipe Reader could fill a special niche for you.

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