Philips myBuddy Helps Kids Get the Perfect Nights Sleep

Parents love their kids. Of course, during the younger years, parents also love it when their kids stay in bed until a decent hour in the morning. To that end, Philips has created myBuddy, a nightlight that admittedly probably won’t work as intended for every child. But, if you’re at wit’s end, it might be worth a try.

Philips myBuddy isn’t anything particularly mindblowing – it’s a nightlight with three settings that change automatically (or manually, if desired). There is a gentle nightlight for bedtime stories, glowing moonlight for sleeping time, and bright sunlight for when it’s time to wake up. For most, it’s probably not going to work right off the bat, but if you let your child develop those associations over a few weeks or months, it could give exhausted parents a few more hours of sleep every night.

myBuddy will be available in pink, green, or blue. Parents have the freedom to program the nightlight’s schedule to suit their needs, and the device can be switched off during the day to conserve power. Pricing and availability are as of now unknown.

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