iPad App of the Week: Showcase Makes a Trip to the Car Dealership Less Painful

If you’re looking to buy a new car, you might already know that Ford has been hard at work trying to establish itself as a leading tech-friendly American car company. To that end, they’ve created the in-car MyFord Touch infotainment system.

Now, they’ll be rolling out the Showcase app at their dealerships. Sales representatives will be able to use the app on the dealerships’ iPads to show off the new features on upcoming Fords. There will be videos and details about all features on the app. Dealers can also use the app to search through the dealership’s inventory, in order to quickly verify whether or not they have the exact configuration of car you have in mind.

After you’ve worked with the salesman to build the exact car you’re thinking of using the app, you can have the salesman email the results to your account, in case you still want to shop around.

Of course, this also means you won’t get that respite from the sales pitch when the salesman goes off to get more information about features or check inventory. So, you know. Trade-offs.

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