Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP Album to be Released as an App

20120910-070657.jpgNever one content to go with the flow, Lady Gaga’s new album won’t be an album at all. Well, it well be – ARTPOP will still be available by conventional means, via CD or digital download. But, if you want the full ARTPOP experience (and, if you’re still reading this, I’m guessing you want the full ARTPOP experience), you’ll need to download it as an app.

ARTPOP, which is due out early next year, will be released as an app, which has so far been confirmed for iOS and for PCs. That said, it seems likely that it will pop up on most major mobile operating systems, as well. The digital and album versions will, for the most part, just have the songs. The app, in addition to the music, will be stocked with chats, music videos for every song on the album, bonus tracks, games, and magazines, all of which will be continually updated. As far as the idea of a deluxe version of an album goes, this sounds as good as it gets.

Gaga recommends that her Little Monsters start asking for new iPads for Christmas. If you somehow needed another excuse to do that, now you definitely have one.

Via Little Monsters

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