Sculpted Eer PCS-250 Do-It-Yourself Molded In-Ear Headphone Review

Custom molded earphones always seemed like a fairy tail, a product which only the insanely rich knew about. Imagine: a pair of earbuds designed specifically for your ears; they’d have a perfect fit, a perfect seal, day-long comfort, and best of all, they’ll never fall out. That’s just what Sonomax Technologies offers, in a do-it-yourself-at-home package. They’ve taken this premium concept and packaged it an easy-to-use and affordable product. After reviewing the Sculpted Eers PCS-250 dual-driver headphones, they’ve become an all-time-favorite headset with a perfect fit and amazing sound quality.

What’s in the Box:

  • Pair of PCS-250 earphones (pre-loaded in SonoFit)
  • Water-based Lubricant
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual and Quick-Fit Guide
  • 14 Day Perfect Fit Warranty, 1 Year Limited Warranty

The packaging of the Eers PCS-250’s makes you feel great about your purchase, it’s both intricate and elegant. The box opens up to a sealed insert containing your PCS-250s pre-loaded with the SonoFit headband fitting device. Under this sealed plastic insert is the full manual and carrying case. For earbuds, the packaging is quite large, but most of the space is used by the SonoFit’s one-time use.

There is good news and bad news about the process. The bad news is that you only have one try to get it right, the good news is if you do mess it up, Sonomax will send you a new pair to try again, thanks to the Perfect Fit Warranty. The process only takes about 10 minutes, but it takes a few minutes to go familiarize yourself with the instructions. You’ll be so excited that you won’t want to wait for a new pair, so get it perfect the first time!

The earphones are already attached to the SonoFit Headband. You place the headband on your head so the earphones are properly sitting in your ear, with the ear loops around your ear. The earbuds should sit in your ear as if the headband wasn’t there providing pressure. If they’re not properly placed, you won’t get the perfect fit. With the headband sitting upright on your head, you hit a switch, and wait 5 minutes for the silicone eartips to uniquely shape in your ear.

The process is not as icky as it might sound. The silicone eartips already have a general shape before they go in your ear. Once the process begins, you’ll feel them slowly expand until they’re properly sized.

Once the 5 minutes is up, you pull the earphones from the headband and apply the plastic Eer-branded faceplates to the back of the buds. They’re immediately ready to go.

Once you have a feel for how the process of molding the Sculpted Eers, it should only take about 10 minutes. There is no real drying or hardening process, so you can begin rocking immediately. The PCS-250’s feature premium dual drivers with crossover technology. Each earphone has a built-in woofer and tweeter that work in tandem. The perfectly sculpted fit provides an “acoustic seal” inside your ear and the high-fidelity audio allows you to hear the finer audio details, but more importantly, it allows you to listen to music at lower volumes and protect your hearing.

The cable is 1.3 meters (50 inches) and “kink-resistant”. A few inches from the right earbud is an in-line microphone with universal control button. While compatibility may vary, the universal button can control music, phone calls, or Siri if you have an iPhone.

Additional Specs:

  • Typical nominal impedance: 90 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB SPL /146 mVrms @1 kHz
  • Maximum output level: 120 dB SPL
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Weight: Approx. 15 g (0.53 oz)

I’ll admit it. I messed up my Sculpted Eers the first time around, and I know exactly what went wrong. When you’re about to start the molding process, you have to really get the earbuds wiggled in your ear canal and keep the headband perfectly upright. My first pair had one earbud that fit amazingly, and the other earbud fit fine, but not as perfectly. I knew that if the other earbud fit just as well, I’d have the ultimate pair of earbuds. I called up Sonomax and they were more than happy to exchange them, I just had to send them the earphones and the travel case. Not too long after, it was time to perfect my new pair of PCS-250s.

Having a pair of earbuds with the perfect fit is an experience like none other. They’re extremely comfortable to wear all day, and they don’t fall out. They rarely even loosen from my ear. The flexible ear loop also helps out really nicely. The button and microphone both function very well. I’ve made a ton of phone calls, and everyone says I come in clearly. The cord is relatively stiff, but could be a bit thicker. It’s pretty quick to tangle, unfortunately. Our only other gripe is that the custom molded earbuds aren’t removable. They’re probably amazing headphones for the gym, but I’m afraid of trapping too much moisture inside of the buds.

As for audio quality, the PCS-250s are a dream. The perfect fit and seal plays a role in creating a perfect audio experience. Audio is extremely clear, crisp, and rich. There is an excellent sound stage that lets you disappear in your music. They’re not bass-heavy by any means, but the bass is present and balanced. The mids are on the brighter side, but well defined. The PCS-250s are tuned to provide a flat response, so there’s no type of music that doesn’t sound good. Everything from electronic to acoustic sounds great. They’re even kind to lower bitrate music.

It’s surprising that we haven’t heard more buzz about Sonomax and Sculpted Eers. To us, the PCS-250s seem like a potential game changer in the headphone market. With a retail price of $299.99, they’re not inexpensive, but for the custom molded segment they’re extremely affordable.  Sculpted Eers has do-it-yourself custom earphones for as low as $169.99. The PCS-250s have instantly become our favorite pair of in-ear headphones. They’re beyond comfortable and provide a phenomenal audio experience. Buyer beware: you may never enjoy another pair of earbuds after investing in these. The Sonomax Sculpted Eers PCS-250s are currently available for SculptedEers.com.

The Good: Do-It-Yourself Custom Fitting, 10-15 Minute Process, Extremely Comfortable, Amazing Audio Quality, In-Line Mic/Button, Perfect Fit-Don’t Fall Out, Perfect-Fit Warranty, Great Customer Service

The Bad: Carrying Case is Just Too Big for Pocket, Eartips Aren’t Removable

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