Turn Your iPad into a Square Point of Sale Register

Thanks to things like add-on card readers and payment processing apps like Square, the iPad is becoming the new best friend of small businesses. The tablet is able to become a workstation, cash register, and catalog all in one, affording much in the way of convenience and cost-cutting.

Those who have small businesses and an iPad, then, might want to look at Sentry Squared, a new stand for the iPad. What sets this stand apart from the rest is that it can be mounted in a variety of ways – to tables, walls, or to the undersides of cabinets. The slit on the base makes it possible to bolt the stand down, if you’re really worried about security. Otherwise, you can use Kensington locks with the stand to secure your iPad in a less permanent way. A card reader adapter ensures that no one can run off with your Square card reader. This is one stand that is big on security – a must if this purchase is being made for an iPad that is ultimately going to be open to use by the public.

As you might expect, there is a cut-out for the 30-pin connector, plus the two cameras. There is also a pinhole for access to the power button – a preferable option, again, because this will ostensibly be for an iPad open to use by the general public. Better safe than sorry.

The stand is made from recyclable aluminum, and comes in black and white. The Sentry Squared iPad Stand is available for pre-order now for $199. The site says that the stand will ship in two weeks.

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