Guess Tiësto NYTLYF Watch is in Desperate Need of a Remix

The Guess Tiësto NYTLYF watch is out, and it’s not a bad looking watch. It’s not a particularly good looking watch, either. It’s just a watch, and that’s pretty much all you can say about it.

The gunmetal finish looks great, and again, it’s not really a bad looking watch. But, for a collaboration between the popular DJ and the watch maker, there’s nothing that really sets this watch apart from anything else you might find in Guess’ collection. The Tiësto logo is nice, but it’s also on the underside of the watch face, where no one will see it, ever.

Now that collaborations between pop stars and apparel companies have become so common, I guess we’ve come to expect a little more in the way of personality coming out of the finished products. At the very least, there’s usually something different or striking enough about the watch to turn some heads and get people asking about what you’re wearing. As nice as this Tiësto watch is, it seems like it’s going to fly under the radar as just another watch. It’s classy, but I’ve seen the Guess collection – classy watches abound. It’s hard to find a reason for anyone but the most dedicated Tiësto fans to get excited about this one.

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