CloudView Breathes New Life into Pico-Projectors

QP Optoelectronics has a special product that they’ll be showcasing at their booth once CES kicks off next week. It’s one that could make pico-projectors relevant again.

The main knock on pico-projectors was distance – in order to project a large image, you needed to move the projector back, to inconvenient or sometimes impossible distances, if you’re working with limited space. CloudView, on the other hand, is a short throw pico-projector. That means it can project large images onto a surface, all while keeping the distance between the two very small.

Another thing to look forward to at CES is the debut of CloudView as part of a projection kit of sorts. Your smartphone can be put onto a small tripod, then paired with CloudView for projection. A third device beams down a virtual keyboard onto a table or other flat surface, which you can use to input text or commands to your smartphone. It’s a pretty slick set up and, more importantly, everything involved is very small and mobile – a solid alternative to big, bulky conventional projectors.


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