Cygnett Vector iPhone 5 Case Review

So many cases, how do you choose?! Cygnett’s a great place to start, their cases generally rock a trendy design, an affordable price tag, and an included screen protector.

The Cygnett Vector is a one-piece case made of hard rubberized TPU. The design is awesome, however the fit is not. The back has sweet angled indentations supposedly inspired by stealth jets. The problem with Vector is it was built just too small. The fit gets better over time, but never perfect.

The case has a bezel that runs around iPhone’s face which is good for protection. Unfortunately, the imperfect fit pushes the sides of the case slightly away from iPhone. The volume button overlays are nearly impossible to use. The lock button is very stiff, but usable.

While the fit did improve overtime, and it became a much more usable case, it never became perfect. The vector case has so much potential too. It’s really sleek and offers solid protection. Cygnett even includes a screen protector. The neat imprinted design looks great, it’s really grippy, and it feels nice in-hand too. It’s even pretty light.

For just $18.99, the Cygnett Vector could be a great buy. It’s very possible Cygnett’s fixed the imperfect fit (or that ours was just a dud). The Cygnett Vector is available in purple and black. We’re hoping Cygnett doesn’t give up on the Vector, with an improved build and some more color options, the case could be extremely popular. The Cygnett Vector Case for iPhone 5 is currently available from Amazon.com.

The Good: Neat design, Durable, Protective, Affordable, Built-in screen protector
The Bad: Bad fit for iPhone, Volume buttons nearly unusable, Stiff lock button, Small cutout for charging port

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