Diesel Celebrates 20 Years of the YUK Sneaker “The Pre-Internet Shoe”

There’s something more than a little cynical about Diesel’s new advertising campaign, featuring their new product, which is an old product – a re-release of the YUK, which was a hot item for the company back in 1993.

The somewhat galling part of the campaign is the encouragement of Facebook users to stay offline and abstain from posting on Facebook for three days (two days if you really take the plunge and swear off Instagram and Twitter, too) in order to enter a contest to win a free pair of their shoes. Of course, the whole thing is an exercise in marketing at its most soul-crushing – you can almost hear the ad execs in the board room talking about how crucial leveraging Facebook is while creating this campaign.

Naturally, you have to actually use Facebook to sign up for the contest in the first place, and requiring two or three days with no posting is setting the bar low enough to where most people interested should have no problems, which essentially betrays any notion of this release being the “Pre-Internet Experience.” No, this campaign is everything we love and loathe about the Internet, perfectly encapsulated and ready to consume. And consume we will – after all, 20 people are going to get a free pair of shoes out of the deal. Might as well try to be one of them.

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