Monster’s DNA In-Ear Headphones End 2012 on The Perfect Note

Do earbuds always seem to fall out of your ears? You can’t walk down the street without constantly pushing them back in? With the DNA In-Ear Headphones, Monster delivers a premium pair of earbuds that’s lightweight, comfortable, and actually stays in your ear. The Monster DNAs also feature a flat tangle-resistant cable with an in-line ControlTalk compatible with iPhone and Android.

Packaging and Contents

Monster really has it down when it comes to packaging. While it’s not the most minimalistic, it’s a warm experience opening the box like a book and being presented your brand new earbuds, neatly laid out. Underneath, you’ll find a great travel pouch filled with 6 pairs of differently shaped and sized ear tips and a cord clip.


Like the DNA In-Ears’ big brother, the On-Ears, the headphones feature a very stylish triangular design. The design is very appealing and familiar with a clean and glossy body and a satin chrome faceplate. The neat thing about the buds is that they’re surprisingly light without feeling cheap. In fact, the build quality is actually pretty solid; you’d expect them to be heavier.

The Fit

The amazing fit the DNA In-Ears provide can be attributed to two things: the silicon ear tips and the lightweight design. These DNA’s don’t feel like they’re being pulled down and they don’t put stress on your ears. Monster packages them with six pairs of silicon eartips. Four pairs of the tips are spherically shaped like many other tips, and with sizes for all ears. Then Monster includes double flange and triple flange ear tips. If you’re like me and never have luck with the bubbled-shaped ear tips, then the flange-design will change your life. It’s a little awkward at first considering they’re pushed pretty deep in-ear, but the fit and noise isolation is unlike anything out there. It creates the perfect seal for your ear and seriously compliments DNA’s superior audio.


On the flat tangle-resistant cable, is a ControlTalk button and microphone for controlling your smartphone. The Android and iPhone friendly button can control music, answer/end phone calls, and also activate voice features like Siri. The ControlTalk is located just a few inches below the left earbud, which is the perfect location for making clear phone calls with the microphone.


Impressive, very impressive. Many people will swear these are the best headphones they’ve ever heard. The Monster DNA In-Ears offer superior sound quality and a superb aural experience. They’re extremely detailed and clear with a very warm soundstage. The highs are very precise while the mids are beefy and balanced. The bass on these buds is very impressive and they pack a noticeable amount of oomph–likely to compete directly with the Beats In-Ear headphones. The bass is really punchy and gets pretty low. Luckily, it doesn’t overpower the music. The DNA’s sound equally as amazing with all types of music genres. Listen to some acoustic music to fully appreciate the warm, detailed, and accurate reproduction. Listen to some electronic music to hear the precise high-range audio. Then of course, listen to some rock and rap to hear the bass act like a mini in-ear subwoofer.


The Monster DNA In-Ears are a fantastic pair of headphones. In our opinion, they’re nearly as good as it gets. They’re very comfortable, stay in our ear, feature superior audio, and even have an in-line ControlTalk with microphone. They make for an amazing listening experience whether you’re on the move, in a loud setting, or just hanging at home or in the office. With a purchase price of $99.95, we’d highly recommend them as a post-holiday present for yourself. They’re currently available on Amazon in white or black.

The Good: Stays in ear very well, light and comfortable. Cool-looking design. Included carrying case, 6 pairs of ear tips including double and triple flange, and ControlTalk with mic.

The Bad: White model will get dirty and flange ear tips collect earwax.


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  1. My Monster DNA’s have superior sound in comparison to Bose, Shure, B&W and other audiophilic brands.

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