Speck iGuy for iPad Mini Review

If you’re the proud owner of an iPad Mini, you know how quickly it becomes part of the family. Now you can finally turn iPad into the playful little guy it is, with Speck iGuy for iPad Mini. This little dude of a case is protective enough for the whole family. The soft foam iGuy is free-standing and fun for all ages (I’ve personally confirmed this as a twenty-something-year-old).

Just like a real guy, the iPad Mini iGuy has arms and legs. His EVA foam body is the best of both worlds, dense and tough enough to protect and last the test of time, but soft enough for a comfortable squeeze.

iPad Mini pops right into iGuys Belly; there’s no screen protector, but the Mini is far enough recessed that it shouldn’t make a big difference. While iPad’s not technically a toy, children can treat it like one. It’s definitely capable of surviving most drops, and the wrath of children. iPad Mini retains a very tight fit, it takes some effort to get it out.

Considering how deep the buttons and ports are, they’re all very accessible. Even for those of us with chubby fingers. There’s one exception: the charging port is tricky to access because it’s behind iGuy’s arm. It’s not a deal-breaker.

The iGuy for iPad Mini is without a doubt the most adorable iPad case. If you have young kids, it’s probably your best bet for iPad protection. If you have destructive kids, a screen protector could also do you well. It’s ability to stand on it’s own isn’t just cute, it’s super convenient. I’ve personally found iGuy to be especially useful at parties where alcohol turns adults into children. iGuy is available in four awesome colors: mango, lime, chili pepper, or grape. He retails for $29.95, which isn’t too bad at all. The Speck iGuy for iPad Mini can be purchased from Amazon.com.

The Good: Adorable, Durable/Shock Resistant/Protective, Colors, Great for Kids, Accessible Buttons, Perfect and safe fit for iPad
The Bad: Charging Port tricky to access, Sides of iPad tricky to touch, Hefty

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