AT&T Rolls Out Another Touchscreen Mifi Hotspot – the Unite

It wasn’t too long ago that AT&T announced their Liberate mifi hotspot, which was the world’s first dedicated mobile hotspot with a color touchscreen. Today they have announced a similar product – the AT&T Unite. The AT&T Unite is also an LTE mobile Hotspot which sports a color touchscreen, specifically a 2.4″ touchscreen. This touchscreen display allows users to manage connected devices, change network and device settings, and block unwanted devices from joining. It also provides a convenient on-screen meter for monitoring data consumption. Of course, the device offers support for AT&T’s fast growing  LTE network, along with support for their Mobile Share plans. Finally, the hotspot has support for up to 10 devices at once.

The display on the unite is a bit smaller than the 2.8″ display on the Liberate. There is also no mention of a microSD card reader in the Unite. But other then that, how the Unite compares to the Liberate we can’t help but wonder… Unfortunately pricing is not yet available for the device, but if the Liberate’s pricing is any indication – it retails for $49.99 with contract.

Update 2/4/2013: The Unite will be available for just $0.99 with a 2 year contract.

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