ColorSonik Speakers are Skittles Colored Sonic Beauties

If you’re looking for something a little different in the world of speakers, you just might find it in the ColorSonik line.

The ColorSonik speakers are made out of transparent plastic, and come in six very bright, very distinct colors (well, five plus one clear, colorless one). The unts come in pairs, and are imagined as a new take on computer speakers. Each unit houses a 3” full-range driver, with 15 watts of amplification per channel. The bass is said to be strong enough to almost make subwoofers redundant – a bold claim, for a set of computer speakers.

The 4” x 4” x 7.25” speakers hook up to your computer using a standard 3.5 mm audio jack, but you can opt to purchase a wireless Bluetooth dongle separately, which will match the color of the speakers you buy. The ColorSonik speakers cost $249 per pair, and the Bluetooth dongle comes in at $35. There’s also the ColorSonik Spectrum for $349 per pair, the only difference being enhanced drivers in the Spectrum, which include higher-quality neodymium magnets that the less expensive speakers.

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