Yes, Virginia, this is a Head Massager

Workdays are stressful, so why not take a minute to experience some R&R RoboCop style? That’s the mission of the Breo USA iDream 3 Eye and Head Massager. It provides an all over head massage that’ incredibly high tech. Once you place your head inside the helmet, you’re surrounded by a variety of sensors and pressures. A combination of air pressure and vibration starts squeezing your scalp- think robotic acupuncture, and hot compress technology starts pressing in on those sore pulse points to release your tension.

The iDream3 is wireless and can be easily operated with a small remote- and a see through visor in the helmet allow you to see what’s going on (though you might enjoy closing them for a minute…).

A built in MP3 player allows you to drift off to the sweet sound of a rushing brook or Rihanna, if that’s more your thing. There are multiple settings to play with and we enjoyed the rather unique sensation of feeling pulsing around our eyeballs and scalp, and once we’d overcome our initial fear of claustrophobia we settled into a prolonged state of relaxation. It’s suitable to use multiple times a day, and to share with friend you simply clean it quickly with disinfectant wipes. One size will adjust to fit both male and female heads, and children over seven can also enjoy its therapeutic benefits.

It’s designed to address multiple issues- stress, tension headaches, and fatigue and it serves as a great pick me up as well. It also makes for one hell of a fashion statement or Halloween costume. The device retails for  $299.99 at Breo.

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