The Unu Wears Is An All-in-One Tablet, Gaming Console, and Smart TV

Take a tablet, gussy it up with a docking station, game controller, and an air mouse and you have the Unu, offering a host of Smart TV, Gaming, and Media entertainment opportunities. The custom coded user interface allows for much variety of use. It can dock with your TV so you can watch movies and music on your big screen as well as utilize the user interface that allows for the gaming. Watch Netflix, Play Angry Birds or Temple Run on your TV while controlling it from the couch. Need to attend to business? The Air mouse has a full keyboard so you can type away. Unu is using Snakebyte to design and manufacture game peripherals. The integrate button mapping app even allows games without their native controller support to be played on Unu. More information can be found on their Facebook page here.

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