These Socks Live Up to Their HOT Pink Name

Note the distinction – these aren’t hot pink socks. No, these are pink hot socks, and they are vastly preferable.

Ready for a pair of socks with batteries attached to them? If it’s below freezing outside, that answer might actually be yes. These socks are outfitted with black carbon fibers, which work to keep your feet warm. That’s crucial, because those things are always the first to freeze over on those especially cold nights. Now, you’ve got the footwear equivalent of an electric blanket to solve that problem. The batteries are good from four to seven hours, so they should get you through the coldest parts of the night before you go to sleep. There are also three temperature settings, to make sure things don’t have to get too toasty.

Unfortunately, these are also going to be by far the most expensive pair of socks you will ever buy. You can get a pair of pink hot socks off Japan Trend Shop for a chilling $170, with another $13 tacked on for shipping.

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