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Batman Backpack Will Beat the Crap Out of Your Backpack


If you’ve been riding around pretending to be on the Batcycle while donning your full-on Batsuit, you might want to know that you can add a little more to your get-up now.

UD Replicas is now selling the Batman Backpack. Like everything else they do, the backpack is made from high-quality leather and is a faithful replica of what you would see in the movies. This backpack was in the latter two movies of Nolan’s trilogy, and, in real life, can fit a few water bottles or some small electronics. It’s not too spacious, and it’ll hold things a lot less interesting than what Batman carries around, but at least you’ll be getting a pretty nice replica.


An added bonus is that, by itself, it doesn’t exactly scream Batman. If you just want a sleek, leather motorcycle backpack you can grab this one without making it look like you’re riding to the next Comic-Con.


The Batman Backpack is available by itself now for $298 CDN, or about $291 USD. It’ll ship sometime during Q2 of this year, and it won’t be sold after April 30, or until 1,000 units have been purchased.


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  1. It would be great if one could actually see what this backpack looked like… but alas Batman loves the shadows…

  2. You do see it briefly in The Dark Knight as he stands on top of the tall buildings getting ready to nab the Chinese investor. Though it’s not actually a backpack, it’s the third shape his cape can shift into for when he doesn’t want it to get in the way.

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