Yes! We Can Finally Make an Egg McMuffin at Home

You could get the job done with just you, a spatula, and a frying pan, but clean-up (of any kind) is no fun, and this way’s a lot faster. So, get your wallet ready, and say hello to the latest thing to make your shame trips to McDonalds slightly less frequent.

The Breakfast Sandwich Maker from Hamilton Beach is sort of like those espresso machines that keep claiming they’re going to bring Starbucks home. This one is bringing the Egg McMuffin home, and there will be no drive-thrus involved. It has three trays to load up two pieces of an English muffin (bagels are fine, too, or whatever else fits and is edible) and one egg. You can slip a piece of ham onto the bottom piece of the English muffin, just not a raw chunk, because this thing isn’t going to zap a piece of raw ham in five minutes.

All three trays are non-stick, making them pretty easy to clean at your convenience. A non-stick frying pan is also easy to clean, but then you have the spatula to deal with, so I guess the Breakfast Sandwich Maker gets the edge there.

So, there you go. Your very own Egg McMuffins, without having to wonder what actually constitutes food from McDonalds. You can get one for about $30 from Hamilton Beach.

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