LEGOs and Photography Collide in New Art Exhibit

LEGO artist Nathan Sawaya, whose Art of the Brick exhibit we took a look at recently, has a brand new show in New York right now. It’s the result of a years-long collaboration between him and Australian photographer Dean West, called In Pieces.

In Pieces, which is being presented by the Miami-based Avant Gallery, will be at the Openhouse Gallery in SoHo every day until March 17. The works being presented are mash-ups of the two artists’ specialties – LEGO sculptures and digital photography. The series of photographs feature minimalist, Americana-style scenes with LEGO sculptures subtly placed in the background.

Like any good art exhibit, In Pieces can be enjoyed on a number of levels. If you want, you can just pop in and try to figure out which items in the background are made of LEGO bricks – it’s not always as easy to tell as you might think. Of course, that’s just one part of the artistic statement you can contemplate, along with the similarities between the pixel-by-pixel composition of West’s work and the brick-by-brick composition of Sawaya’s work. It’s rewarding for those who are looking for fine art, a good I Spy challenge, or new ideas for their own LEGO ambitions.

In Pieces debuted in SoHo on February 28, and is open to the public every day until March 17, from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. If you’re in the area, you can catch it at the Openhouse Gallery on 201 Mulberry Street.

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