HGTV Smart Home 2013 Debuts with ADT Pulse Lighting the Way

We’ll be the first to admit that we’re a crazy bunch of HGTV addicts. Between Property Brothers, and House Hunters International, that channel has us glued. And this year, HGTV’s new Smart Home has us more captivated then ever before. That is because the dream home that HGTV is giving away, is right up our alley – because it’s a smart home! And to make this home extra smart, HGTV has partnered with ADT to outfit 2013’s Smart Home into a souped-up, secure and fully automated house of wonders.

The specular home, which is located outside of Jacksonville, Florida, has been outfitted with ADT Pulse. Imagine never having to wonder if you remembered to lock the doors, turn off the lights, or lower the AC before you left. Well, ADT Pulse has transformed the home into a completely automated Smart Home. First, the Pulse system of course offers 24 hour monitoring. But the system goes even further then that with fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, as well as the ability to remotely view video of your home from a mobile app.

Speaking of ADT Pulse’s mobile app, you can also use it to arm or disarm your alarm remotely, remotely unlock and lock doors, and to get alerts about leaks and floods, fires, and intrusions. You can even use the system to get custom notifications about when someone is entering or leaving. These notifications are delivered as text messages, emails, and even video clips.

And on top of all of the alerts, the ADT Pulse system also lets you easily automate lights and thermostats to help control the amount of energy usage in your home. But aside from using the ADT Pulse app to control your home system, ADT also offers the tablet-like ADT Pulse touchscreen system which allows you to adjust and control your home automation system and security systems. You can use the touchscreen system to monitor energy usage and adjust lights, etc accordingly. This last energy saving feature is one of the ways that the ADT Pulse system helps to contribute to the home not only being a Smart Home, but also a green home.

It will be interesting to see ADT Pulse in action and just how well it has been integrated into this dreamy Floridian home, all without it turning into something out of the Jetsons. HGTV’s Smart Home 2013 airs this friday night.

Disclosure:  We attended an ADT-sponsored dinner where we learned about the ADT Pulse collaboration with HGTV.

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