Monster Debuts Uber Luxury Inspiration Hublot Headphones at Baselworld

Hublot, better known for being curators of fine jewelry watches, have partnered with Monster to make the ultimate precision made pair of headphones.

This isn’t the first time the luxury watch maker has deviated from watches. They have also tried their hand with unique products like bicycles, sleds, speakers and cuff links just to name a few. While Hublot has also dabbled with audio, the time seems right to be collaborating on a pair of headphones with Monster, who promises to deliver one of the finest crafted headphones to date that will make the high-end watch brand proud.

The Inspiration Hublot Headphone is a luxury noise cancelling headphone that will feature fine-tooled design accentuating a brushed aluminum finish, authentic leather and rubber headband and carbon fiber earcups. The headphones will also debut Monster’s new Enigma Audio Engine along with a first of its kind dual mono amplification, a new crystal clear music technology that will give the listener a more detailed and realistic sound experience. To that effect, it seems like this version of the Monster Inspiration headphones will be a pale comparison to the original… which were already pretty impressive sounding.

The new Enigma chip encompasses advanced digital noise cancellation as well as wireless Bluetooth with advanced AAC and APT-X and a customizable user-experience, making these headphones the most forward thinking and luxurious headphones on the market currently.

Inspiration Hublot over-ear headphones will be available this summer at Hublot retailers worldwide for 1,750 EUR ($2,275) and will pair with with a $2,000 and above watch very nicely.