Cell Phone Holder Party Cup isn’t All That Ridiculous

STRW 0377 2 461x508 Cell Phone Holder Party Cup isnt All That Ridiculous

Problems and solutions. That’s all life is, right? Then, life is present in abundance with the simple inelegance of the Cell Phone Holder Party Cup.

It’s a plastic cup with a lid and a straw, but goodness, it’s so much more. The straw also has a smartphone holder. No more having to fiddle with your phone using just your thumb while you hold your drink with the other hand. No, you’ll be using your phone full-on while also sucking down whatever you’ve got in that cup (sans BPA!). Human ingenuity prevails once again!

The Cell Phone Holder Party Cup is a 16 ouncer, and you can get one now for about $9 off Perpetual Kid. It comes in green, purple, blue, or red.