Pioneer XDJ-R1 Lets Spin Like Calvin Harris Using Your iPhone


Pioneer is trying to combine a high-quality, feature-rich DJ experience with something that is easy to use, and it looks like they’ve accomplished that with the XDJ-R1.

It’s a high-end DJ machine, although it doesn’t have the traditional turntables. Instead, it can play CDs, plus a good range of file types (MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF) straight from USB devices or CD-R/RWs. It’s also MIDI-ready out of the box.

Whether you’re at the XDJ-R1 or elsewhere, you can use an iOS app to help control the device. The console itself has a solid set of features, like sound color effects, beat effects, beat synchronization of two tracks, sample insertion, and hot cues. Many of those features can also be adjusted on the remotebox app, which features a virtual console layout of the XDJ-R1. From the app, you can also adjust volume, change tracks, and mix songs. As an automation aid, you can use Auto Beat Loop to automatically loop music at certain tempos. All of that is especially useful when you’re away from the XDJ-R1, allowing you to keep the party going remotely.

If you’re an upstart DJ or a seasoned vet, you can check out the video below for more information about how the XDJ-R1 works. It’ll go on sale sometime in June for about $1,100.

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