Jennifer Lopez and Verizon Wireless Target Hispanics with Viva Móvil Stores

JLO-CTIA-366x251Latino Verizon customers are going to be seeing brand new Verizon stores popping up just for them, going under the name Viva Móvil. The stores are being opened up as a joint effort between Verizon, Brightstar, Moorehead Communications, and Jennifer Lopez, who is putting her creative touch on the new stores.

Overall, the stores don’t look like they’ll be too far removed from a standard Verizon store –  they’ll be Verizon premium retailers. Inside, all store employees will be fluent in both English and Spanish, to make for a more comfortable and, more importantly, more informative shopping experience for Spanish speakers. There’s also a bonus for parents thrown in – play areas for younger children, so mom and dad can go handle wireless business without being distracted.

A full-featured Viva Móvil online store is already up and running, with a private online credit check also available. There will also be a Facebook page for social shopping, and for seeing friends’ recommendations. Both the upcoming physical stores and the online store will, like regular Verizon stores, sell handsets, tablets, and accessories. Jennifer Lopez’ own brand of mobile accessories will also be available for sale.

Physical stores will be opening up in the next few weeks in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

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