LSTN Fillmore On-Ear Headphone Review

The brand new LSTN Fillmore On-Ear headphones are an über elegant method of rocking out to high fidelity tunes, and check this: they’re covered in authentic recycled wood and each purchase helps to restore the hearing of a child in need. While giving back is great, the main reason you’d buy a pair of LSTNs is for its fantastically rich audio experience, fresh design, extreme portability, comfort, and built-in ControlTalk with microphone.

The LSTN Fillmores are on-ear headphones covered in one of three types of very authentic recycled wood (no dyes). The earcups are donut shaped and pretty standard in size for on-ear headphones; they’re about the size of a large ear. While it’s doesn’t look like it, the Fillmores are completely collapseable. The earcups fold up and the headband folds in half. It’s as portable as you can get for on-ears, and LSTN includes a carrying bag for safe keeping.

The headband is plastic and adjustable. We’d say this is the weak link of the design; the headband doesn’t feel especially durable and the adjustable notches already loosened too much on one side. It does happen to be quite comfortable though, this is partially due to the lightweight design.

The cord is Y-shaped and removable. It has a really nice vinyl-wrapped finish and it’s not quick to tangle. The inline control talk is discreetly located near the left ear cup, level with your jaw. It’s great for making phone calls, ordering around Siri, and controlling music. The only thing it’s missing is volume buttons. While compatibility may vary, it should work with all iOS devices, Android, and Blackberry.

We’re quite fond of the LSTNs for their comfort and fresh design, but it’s the audio quality that seals the deal. It’s enjoyably premium. The mids and highs are really clear and detailed. The bass is very well balanced. It’s boomy without overwhelming. The overall audio reproduction has a very natural and warm sound to it, a feature that is most likely attributed to the real wood casing. The LSTN experience is ideal for just about any genre.

The LSTN Fillmore headphones are a great pair of everyday On-Ear headphones, especially if portability is a concern. They’re still brand new, but we’re hoping they get the recognition they deserve. With the $100 sticker price, they won’t disappoint. We imagine once they hit Amazon the price will come down a tad. They’re currently available from LSTNheadphones.com in beech wood, cherry wood, or ebony wood (pictured).

The Good: Real recycled wood, Not Dyed, Fantastic audio experience, Comfortable, Lightweight, Collapsable, Removable Headphone Cable with vinyl wrapping and inline ControlTalk with microphone
The Bad: Headband isn’t so durable and adjustable notches quickly loosen, No volume on ControlTalk, Light on noise isolation

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  1. The LSTN Fillmore I have is the most perfectly balanced headphone I’ve bought since the $700 Shure 1840 a year ago, and that’s several pricy headphones in between. Accident or miracle, I don’t know. But it is that good. The overall clarity is not equal to the average $700 and up headphone, but it’s close, and the near-perfect balance makes it as good overall as anything I’ve heard costing less than the Senn HD800, which I had for 3 years.

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