Chipster is the Hobo of iPhone 5 Cases

Chipster_Image1In a way, the Chipster iPhone Case represents the point where the smartphone case market has finally jumped the shark. But, it looks nice, and you can fit some cards in it, so it’s not all a loss.

The Chipster iPhone case is made from recycled chipboard, and will probably not afford your iPhone 5 much protection outside of preventing scratches and scrapes. The case almost looks like it could have just been alternate packaging for the iPhone 5, once you take it out of the box. But, there is a little extra bonus – on the back, there’s a little slot that fits a few cards and some cash, and everything you slip in there can be easily retrieved with a pull tab.

Maybe the most minimalist case ever, the Chipster iPhone Case is available for the iPhone 5 in natural grey and natural brown for $25.


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