Fitbit for Windows 8, Magnetique and More are Apps of the Week

This week’s Apps will clearly make sure you know how to get where you are going while staying fit and fashionable.


Windows Phone App of the Week:  HERE Drive


Once restricted just to Nokia Lumia devices, Nokia’s HERE Drive, HERE Drive+ and HERE Transit apps are finally seeing a wider Windows Phone 8 release.


Drive+ and Transit can now be purchased on all Windows Phone 8 devices, not just Lumia phones. The Drive+ app is Nokia’s maps and turn-by-turn navigation system, which features completely downloadable and offline maps, so you can get turn-by-turn even without a data connection. Drive+ also features My Commute, which learns your driving patterns over time and makes recommendations for stops and for better ways to beat traffic.

Transit is the public transportation app, which allows you to plan routes to any mapped destinations, with full access to local public transit stations and stops.

HERE Drive is still free for all Nokia Lumia phones, although owners of the Lumia 720, 520, and 521 will have to pay EUR 15.49, or about $20, to upgrade to global maps from the basic local maps. Those who own other Windows Phone 8 devices in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, UK, and the United States can get Drive for free, with the same EUR 15.49 upgrade to global maps. The updated Drive+, which features My Commute, will be free for the Nokia Lumia 928, 925, 920, 822, 820, 810 and 620, and EUR 34.99 for all other Windows Phone 8 devices. HERE Transit is free for Lumia phones, and will cost EUR 1.99 for everyone else.


iPhone App of the Week: TravelNerd


Finding your gate at the airport is easy enough. There are signs. There are no signs that tell you where Carl’s Jr is. That’s where Airports by TravelNerd comes in.

The app has over 250 terminal maps for airports across the country, along with information for 70 of the most commonly used airports. You can get open and close times for all airport shops, from souvenir shops to lounges to restaurants. Outside the airport, you’ll have access to information about parking lots and shuttles, along with recommended destinations within a short distance from 20 airports.

You can also scout out which airports have free Wi-Fi, and which airports are still trying to drag on your wallet. At least this way, you won’t have to get your hopes up when heading to airports unknown.

A couple other nice bonuses are offline airport guides and a taxi share function that helps find other people you can split a fare with.

Airports by TravelNerd is available now on the iTunes App Store for free.


Android App of the Week: Magnetique


Magnetique is a young app that needs some work, but it’s worth keeping an eye on to see if the developers can fully flesh out the concept.

The app will be able to access pages from fashion magazines. If anything catches your eye, you can select it to get information about where to get it near you, and how much it will run you. Right now, the developers are saying the app only works with Glamour and InStyle, with plans to expand that selection in the future.

You can grab Magnetique now for free on Google Play, so there’s no harm in picking it up and seeing whether or not it blossoms down the road.


Windows 8 App of the Week: Fitbit


Users of Fitbit devices can now sync up their information to their Windows 8 device using the Fitbit app.

Any Fitbit fitness tracker can be synced up with the Fitbit app, although you will still need to have the Fitbit Connect program, which you can download for free online. From there, what you’ll get more than anything is charts and graphs. You’ll have at-a-glance information about your sleeping habits, weight, fitness activity (in terms of steps taken), and nutrition. You’ll need to set up a Fitbit account before using the app, but chances are, if you have a Fitbit device, you already have an account, anyway.

The Fitbit app is available now on the Windows Store for free.

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